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The product cycle at LA JAZZ

LA JAZZ's ethical approach does not stop only with the materials used and the careful choices of our suppliers and workshops. It also means offering a responsible experience.

Indeed, to avoid waste and wastage LA. JAZZ sets up a "product cycle" initiative. We are committed to taking back all of the brand's clothing that you would like (by mistake) to get rid of.

When a product is returned to LA JAZZ, it will be value depending on its condition in different ways:

- second hand sale

- upcycling

- recycling

This virtuous revaluation allows us to go even further in our sustainable action.

However, we ask you to consume in a reasoned way and to not get rid of your pieces too quickly (if at all). But above all, don't throw anything away, your pieces will make some people very happy.

LA JAZZ pieces are created to last and accompany you as long as possible, so enjoy.

If you want to send us your pieces, please contact us via our form.


To find out more about our commitments and the history of the brand, do not hesitate to read our pages.