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The privilege of a unique fashion

Imagine an exclusive wardrobe where you really feel privileged. A wardrobe for women, creative, versatile and ethical.

A bold leitmotif of originality and singularity

LA JAZZ is the brand for all women who have the common desire to wear strong pieces, a reflection of themselves. LA JAZZ targets women who believe in themselves, those who have character and who stand out with a certain 'je-ne-sais-quoi". LA JAZZ wants to inspire freedom, beauty, originality and pleasure.

Cultivate rarity, experienced exclusivity

At LA JAZZ we offer almost unique models, but not only. Some pieces produced from upcycled haute-couture fabrics are available in extremely limited quantities, creating that feeling of scarcity that is more and more difficult to find in fashion.

And for the rest ? Each item from LA JAZZ has been carefully designed with a touch of originality, asserting our uniqueness.

LA JAZZ is also a guarantee of quality, the entire collection is designed in our Parisian workshops.

Committed to a privileged customer relationship

LA JAZZ has this desire to differentiate itself through a customer experience where you really feel privileged. Moments of sharing and proposed experiences that go beyond fashion, from creativity to well-being as a whole: exhibitions, dinners, holistic treatments, tailor-made appointments, exclusive access to our collections.

Committed to making creativity work alongside sustainability

Without wanting to fall into the throes of guilt-inducing pedagogy, the brand also aims to inform about sustainable fashion and what it really is. When too many customers are still victims of greenwashing and think of consuming responsibly, at LA JAZZ we know that an ideal 100% clean fashion does not exist and will probably never exist. Nevertheless it is always possible to do our best, especially when a price effort is required.

We want to be as transparent as possible so that everyone who is interested in LA JAZZ can be aware of what they are investing in and whether it corresponds to their core values.


LA JAZZ is a project carefully considered for several years by its creator. To find out more about the designer, our commitments and the history of the brand, do not hesitate to read our pages.